mercredi 25 mai 2011

Finally I Take You Out

Last sunday we had a family barbeque at my grandparents' place. I really love moments like this, being together with the complete family and doing nothing except having fun and enjoying a good meal.
I decided it was time to wear the other Fashion Against Aids pants that I've bought almost a year ago. It's funny because I liked these more than the orange pants, but I never wore them before. I really feel like I have to make up for the time we didn't spend together!
 Bolero: Mango
T-shirt: H&M (too bad it's a bit see through)
Purse: Mango (Gift from the boyfriend)
Pants: H&M Fashion Against Aids
Shoes: Zara

What do you guys think of this outfit? And what were your plans for the weekend?

10 commentaires:

  1. Superleuke clutch :)
    Ik ben gaan kayakken, heb afgesproken met vrienden, naar concert geweest,... :)

  2. Leuke outfit, staat je echt goed!

  3. Zo'n toffe broek!
    Mooie clutch ook, je vriend heeft blijkbaar smaak ;-)

  4. You look fabulous!
    Mooi kleurtje trouwens op je tenen! :D

  5. I love your clutch, dear!!!!
    You look great, I'm also looking for some printed pants. Yours are cute.

    Also the outfit you posted previously is great.

    Hope all is fine with you, sweetie

  6. nice purse -- great taste, boyfriend! :) did he have help from you??

  7. Those pants look très cool! It was fun meeting everyone in Antwerp today, so many new blogs to check out :)

  8. i am a huge huge huge fan of the pants, they are amazing, love the fabric, love the shape and oh oh the print. what a fabulous combination with the snake print of the sandals. the clutch is the finishing touch. love this casual look girl

  9. Dankzij deze post heb ik mijn FAA-kleedje ook nog eens uit de kast gehaald ;) (check blog)
    De tas is heel mooi en leuk vestje! x


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