mardi 29 janvier 2008

Agent Provocateur

I have no explanation for it, but for as long as I can remember I want all the perfume bottles by Agent Provocateur. It's funny because I never even smelled the perfume, but I think they're just so beautiful. I want them standing in my bedroom and just look good.
In september I'm going on a little citytrip to London with my boyfriend and I'm sure I'll check out their shop.
You can find all the products they sell online @ Agent Provocateur and it's also possible to shop online. I prefer shopping in real life, so I can smell the perfumes and check out the store (I have a feeling the store looks great).
It's not going to be easy when I need to pick one bottle out of these pretty ones, but maybe I've made up my mind in september.


Maitresse gold edition (at this moment my favourite)


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  1. Perfume bottles are always gorgeous, sometimes the bottles are the best part of the whole package, J'adore perfume, has a wonderful bottle too.

  2. these bottle are gorgeous!! i have always liked agent provocateur!!! their smell is usually classy and sexy!

  3. I like the one with the gold silhouette, very sensual and classy which goes with the brand.

  4. I also never smelled that perfume, but I think you're right, especialy Maitresse, those bottles are awesome.


  5. I like the middle one the best, so feminin!

  6. The Maitresse gold edition bottle is so royal!

  7. call me freak but i rarely use perfume... i just don´t like to smell like something else.. or maybe i had never find THE perfume for me..

    aaand thank you, i have already send a message to her... now i just have to wait her response.

  8. ooh, those perfumes seems to be fantastics.
    The bottles are beautifull...
    Like you, i prefer to buy in person, because buy something without smelling it, it´s not a good idea.
    Thanks for the post.
    kisses from spain.

  9. It is so cool you're going to London. Nice bottles, I hope you make up your mind in time.


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