jeudi 3 janvier 2008

I love sales!

Well the new year started great for me! Today I went shopping, because the sales started today. I was supposed to study and I'm sick aswell, but that couldn't stop me!
And I bought 2 pair of shoes!

These golden shoes are the reason I went shopping. I wanted them for some time now, but they costed 75 euros and I didn't bought them. But I saw them again at Style Bytes and I knew I just needed to buy them, because I would regret it. So we stopped at Mango first and now they only costed 37 euros. The best part is that my boyfriend bought them for me as a late Christmas gift. I love him, he's so sweet!

The second pair of shoes! These dark blue pumps I got at Zara. Normal price 60 euros and now they were 40 euros. I just love the bows and the color!
This picture isn't that good, because it looks like my shoes are dirty. But that is because of the fabric and the flash.

My boyfriend also bought this purse for me. I have the same purse in red, but I really liked the color-combination. It reminded me of Carrie in Sex and the City.
Normal price 18 euros and now only 9.
Thanks again to the best!

This red clutch I found at Zara. It's not that big, but I don't mind.
Normal price was 50 euros, but I got it for 25 euros. Maybe still to much because it's small, but I just couldn't resist.

Sorry that this post is all about prices, but I just really like it when I find so much lovely stuff and that it's much cheaper than normal. I guess we all do, right?

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  1. wow, I love your dark blue pumps!!
    how I wish that Zara's, Mango's and so on could be here... (criyng lound).
    I'm waiting that a Mango's shop will open in my town, but it will be small.
    You really made good shops, good for you... great things with litle coasts.
    I'm glad you liked my black and red outfit.


  2. Wow. I actually like everything you have there. Those blue pumps are absolutely awesome. NICE FINDS!!

  3. Oh those shoes from mng are so great and what a good price for them as well!

  4. I mean, who doesn't love sales? Thank God they exist. I must say that your purchases are great. I love the two pair of shoes, nice pick!!!

  5. Wow Imelda, you did some serious bargainhunting! I also love the dark blue Zara pumps, I have them in the peep-toe version in black, but I adore the blue ones as well! Good job!!

  6. By the way, I love your blog and added it to our favorite links on my own website:!

  7. Love the shoes! Especially the blue ones! They would match up perfectly with Chanel's new nailpolish: Chanel Vernis 461 Satin Blue.
    In US there's already a waitinglist for the new it-colour. I'm hopefully going to buy it tomorrow here in belgium. I'll let you know!

  8. I adore the first pair from Mango! Gosh I saw a similar pair and just resisted the temptation. I'm glad you got them because they are so stylish.

  9. great gifts!

    Happy 2008 (a bit belated)!

  10. oh dear i love everything in the post! the shoes are to die for!! ;-)


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