mercredi 9 janvier 2008


I just love love love Ikea. It's just so great to go to on a day when you just don't know what to do.
Since I have my own little appartment I allready bought lots of stuff there, my boyfriend aswell. But I've allready been looking out for beautiful stuff that I can buy when we move next year.

First of all I'm gonna show my favourite stuff we allready bought. I'm just going to show the pictures, because they are clear enough.

The second part is about the stuff I really really want for next year.
This sofa is just gorgeous, I tried it in store and it's just so comfortable. The metal on the sides reminded me of these chairs by Le Corbusier.

This table is amazing, it just looks so retro. Pretty please, I want this one. But I'm guessing it will be too expensive for us next year. It's over 300 euros!

I want this purple boxes to store my shoes, because almost all of my shoes came without shoeboxes and now they're just lying around in my room. 

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  1. great stuff! i really love your cucu!

    thx for taggingn me... i´ll post it this afternoon

  2. That's such cute furniture! I love the mirror and rocking chair.

  3. Ikea is so much fun to browse. They hand out those little notpads and stubby pencils, and just the fact that the place is colossal. It's great.

  4. I love the mirror, I can't wait to move out and decorate my own place.

  5. Ikea has such cute things that don't coast much.
    Thank you dear for the wishes on the Bday.


  6. I'm moving with my boyfriend in March and we're going to buy the sofa you liked. We're going for the darkbrown.

  7. I love Ikea, can stroll around in that store for hours on end. I'm not moving out of my parents' house just yet, but when I do, I think I will raid our local Ikea. I love their photo frames, and I LOVE their kitchenwares.


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