mercredi 9 janvier 2008

Tagged again

Okay I got tagged again. This time it was by Big Glasses Girl and I have to post 6 things that I carry in my purse right now.
The purse I'm using for the moment is the brown one by H&M I posted yesterday.

1. I never leave the house without my wallet. These are my 2 favourite wallets and I change between them almost daily. Red one I got at Zara and the brown one is by H&M.

2. My agenda, always easy when you have it with you. I had one I got at my school, but it was really ugly. This one was being sold with a Belgian fashion magazine. I bought it because I really like the Baroc-drawing.

3. My blogbook. I keep it to write down my ideas for this blog when I'm not at home or don't have time to post anything. I also use it to write down the adresses of my favourite shops in every city I've been. The big one I use when I have a big bag and the smaller one can come in handy when the bag is too small.

4. Lipbalms and handcream. I really have dry skin so I can't live without handcream, this one by Dove is really great. The lipbalms are cool aswell, because they color your lips and care aswell.
5. I got this pocket at H&M a few years ago. I use it to keep my keys, some pills for when I get sick when I'm not at home, some small perfume bottles, my lipbalms, ...

6. My Cellphone. I do tend to forget it at home from time to time, but I can't live without it. Just so easy when you need to contact someone. I'm not gonna post a new picture, you can see it here.

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  1. Thank you dear for tagged me!
    I'm going to do it latter. I was never tagged, I'm so excited :)
    It's like a pregift for my Bday, that is tomorrow.



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