mardi 8 janvier 2008


Well I really have to study this week, because my exams are comming. So yesterday I did some shopping to calm myself down and give myself some gifts for the good studying I will do. I only bought this at H&M. 
I tried on really great shoes at Zara, but they were to painfull.

I bought another bag, yes that's correct another one. Aarrgh I'm going crazy I think, but I just couldn't resist the color. It's very big aswell, so I can use it to take it to school. 

I allready have this cute blouse in brown, but it looked really great in white aswell. So I just bought it, because it was 70%, so it only costed 4 euros. Like I said before I love sales!

I didn't find another way to show you guys my new accessories so I just took a picture like this. But I still think it looks kinda weird.
The ring was only 1 euro, yep sales again. 
I really like brown-reddish color of the necklace.

Every once in a while I also go to Hema to check if they have some new cute home accessories and I found this really cute round box there. I use it to keep my scarfs in it, because they always fall down when I hang them in my closet.

And now back to my studying books!

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  1. I really like the shirt, because I myself have been looking for a simple short sleeve white shirt. I like the buys a lot.

  2. I always enjoy reading about your purchases, your pictures and text are wonderful. I really like the bag, namely the beautiful texture and color. The box is the sweetest thing.

  3. I love hatboxes! And you've been tagged.

  4. lovely stuff you've bough, I love the bag... I'm in need for bag's so if I'd steal it? ;)



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