samedi 5 janvier 2008

Style award

When going trough my daily blog-reading I found out that Painfully Hip posted their Thrift Stars of the year. And they also talked about Piksi, a girl from Finland with an amazing style!
I made a post about her before: here
Today I'm showing you guys some great pictures of her. You'll be amased by her style and she has so many great thrift finds.
The way she dresses is super and the setting of the pictures is amazing aswell.
You should all visit her site, for more pictures! I just picked a few pictures, because she has so many great pictures it's hard too choose! 

This outfit is my absolute favourite!
I tried that skirt aswell, but it didn't look nice on me at all.

8 commentaires:

  1. wow. these pictures totally inspired me. i love the high waisted skirts

  2. those outfits/pictures are amazing.

    see, it goes to show you what you can find thrifting... you never know.

  3. I also have seen her, and I think she is so stylish...

  4. so great! You said you tried on the first skirt, where is it from? h&M maybe?

  5. oh wow, thanks for introducing me to her!

  6. I love the first skirt! and the last one! too bad high waisted only looks good on skinny girls (not one of them myself)

  7. @Bigglassesgirl: Yes, it's from H&M!

  8. WHAAAA COOL!!!! IK heb dieje bruine rok van de 1e foto van den H&M net gekocht!!!!!! 't zag er nie uit bij mij, ma k vond da frutselding vanvoor wel cool! :)


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