mardi 8 janvier 2008


Today I received a thinking blogger award from Wendy Brandes Jewelry. Thank you WendyB!

So now is my turn to pick 5 bloggers. This isn't an easy job, it's hard when you just get to pick 5 out of a whole list of bloggers you like.
These are the 5 blogs who I'm giving the award:

- Antwerp is the New Paris: These 2 girls from Antwerp are amazing and in a few weeks they'll be featured in a Belgian magazine called Flair.
- Hillbilly Doll: as you guys now allready she's my sister. She gets the award because I really like the pictures she makes, they are great! She can think of this award as an early birthday gift, because the real gift is gonna be way to late! So Eline, allready a very happy birthday for tomorrow!
- Live.Speak.Breathe.Fashion. : Great blog! This girl is starting up her own online magazine for the moment, I'm curious about that.
- Painfully Hip: One of the best blogs ever, such an inspiration I get from this blog. 
- The Stiletto Effect: That name alone. One of the blogs that made me make my own blog and that has been supporting since the beginning of this blog.

So nominees if you want to know what you have to do now, check here.

6 commentaires:

  1. Congrats dear for the award. I alredy knew it because I've seen it on WendyB.
    You deserve it :)
    And you chose blogs that I didn't know, so I'm going to check them.


  2. Oh my, thanks so much! I will pass it on, but when I actually "return" on the 12th.

    Although I will be launching the name and cover of the magazine tonight in a post!!

    Stay tuned. haha. I feel like an announcer on a TV show or something. lol


  3. Congrats! You deserve it, your blog is fantastic.

    Would you be intrested in exchanging links?

  4. Thank you sooo much for nominating us! We really appreciate the support and hope you will keep reading our blog, just like we are addicted to yours :)

  5. amber at painfullyhip.com23 janvier 2008 à 17:09

    thanks so much! we're blushing!!!
    we love your blog as well!

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