samedi 26 mars 2011

Chelsea Girl

Chelsea Girl was a highstreet favorite in the '60, '70 & '80 before it became River Island in 1988. Since vintage plays a very important role in fashion today, River Island decided to use the best from back in the days to relaunch Chelsea Girl.
The new collection is retro with a modern twist. This limited edition collection offers you mini skirts, maxi dresses, floral & geometric prints, vintage colors, ... 

The Chelsea Girl Collection will be available in stores from March 28th.
Next thursday (March 31st) is a special day for students at River Island Antwerp. They're organizing their Student Shop-in from 6 - 9pm. Don't forget to bring your student ID (because it's students only) and the flyer if you want to win some great prices.
More info about this event can be found on facebook: here, here & here.

What or your thoughts on the Chelsea Girl collection? Will you be going to the Student Shop-in?

6 commentaires:

  1. Ziet er leuk uit, maar gaat duur zijn denk ik :)
    Ik denk wel dak naar de student shop-in ga gaan!
    liefs x

  2. Ik ga naar de student shop-in! Jij ook dan? :)

  3. J'adore la première image, l'ambiance 70's fait penser aux photos de david Hamilton...

  4. Zitten wel leuke dingen tussen!

  5. ziet er mooi uit - vind river island meestal niks maar dit wel


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