samedi 5 mars 2011

Review: Greenland

Since I made the decision to only buy beauty products that are as natural as possible and that aren't tested on animals, I'm on a constant search for great brands who share this vision. One of those brands is Greenland
Greenland is a company based in the Netherlands, founded in 1990. It's totally dedicated to developing bath and body care products based on natural ingredients. The brand has developed into a well known and innovative brand of body care products with it's main speciality being the collections based on 100% natural raw materials.
Greenland sells 6 different lines of products: Pure & White, Less=More, Balm and Butter, Milky, Fruit Emotions and Fruit Extracts. Just click on the lines you want to know more about and you'll be redirected to the webpage with more information.
I tested 2 products from the Pure & White line, the Bulgarian Rose & Patchouli Body Scrub and Body Lotion. Don't you just love the artwork on the bottles? They just look so good in my bathroom.
All Pure & White products are organic (ECOCERT) and contain nothing but vegetable-based substances. No mineral oils, artificial colorants or synthetic frangrances, but wellchosen ingredients extracted from plants that are cultivated naturally, without the use of pesticides or chemical furtilizers. They contain great organic ingredients, such as: Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E.
The Bulgarian Rose & Patchouli Body Scrub contains Jojoba Kernels and Aloe Vera. The bottle has an easy dispensing system (so a plus for hygiene). The scrub itself is a yellowish sheer substance, which gets a little foamy once you start scrubbing. I smell a little hint of rose & patchouli, not too much because it's a natural product. In my opinion this is a great scrub. I love scrubs where I can really feel the scrub particles, just gives me the idea that I'm actually using a scrub. Afterwards my skin feels soft, clean and gently perfumed.
The Bulgarian Rose & Patchouli Body Lotion contains all 5 organic ingredients mentioned above. It's a simple white substance (just like many other body lotions) and this bottle also comes with an easy dispensing system. The lotion is hydrating, is easy to rub in, absorbs quickly and makes my skin very soft. The body lotion is more perfumed than the body scrub, which is good because of course you want to smell the lotion you put on. It's a delicate mix of bulgarian rose en patchouli, I think everybody will like this fragrance. I smelled so good the entire day and even in the evening I still smelled the body lotion.
The Body Scrub on the left and the Body Lotion on the right.

In the end I'm very pleased with these products and I'll be using Greenland products regularly from now on. I already have a huge wishlist!
All Greenland products are available in their webshop, where you can also read reviews from other customers. With every order you receive a free sachet with a great Greenland product to test.

Did you guys already try something from Greenland? What are your opinions about this brand?

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  1. Ik ben fan van de mango en raspberry bodybutters. Ze ruiken wel erg zoet, maar daar hou ik van :D

  2. Ziet er leuk uit :) een goede bodylotion is altijd handig voor de droge beentjes!

  3. You have great blog :)

  4. ziet er leuk uit, en ik hou ook meer en meer van natuurlijke producten! Als je ziet wat ze in een simpele dochegel allemaal van chemische middelen toevoegen...

  5. ik heb nog nooit van dit merk gehoord! fijne review, en zeg nou zelf.. om de verpakking alleen al zou je wel een paar flesjes in je badkamer willen hebben staan!

  6. Klinkt heel goed, ik had nog niet van het merk gehoord. :)

  7. Ik ken het merk eigenlijk niet maar het klinkt alvast positief!
    De verpakkingen zijn idd prachtig!


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