samedi 19 mars 2011

Review: Rituals Sakura Scrub

Washing away impurities is good for body and mind. In the traditional Japanese bathhouses an intense bodyscrub is an important part of the purification ritual. Rituals got inspired by this old practice while creating the Sakura Body Scrub. The unique combination of Organic Sugar and soothing oils makes your skin sheeny new and incredibly soft.
Well, if a discription like this doens't make you curious to try this body scrub, I'm sure the frangrance will do the trick.
I already mentioned before that I like scrubs that are a bit firmer, I like to feel that I'm scrubbing. So I was curious to try this one. This scrub is a sugar scrub and they tend to be a little to soft for me, but I'm pretty satisfied with the Sakura Scrub. I can feel the scrub particles do the job and my skin feels very soft afterwards. My skin doesn't even feel that dry in comparison to when I scrub myself with other scrubs, but I still used some bodylotion afterwards (old habbits...).
This scrub smells like heaven in jar to me. I'm a fan of cherry blossom frangrances, so I just had to buy this one. When I'm using this scrub the entire bathroom smells so good and afterwards I can still smell the scrub on my skin. You can also buy the Magic Touch Body Lotion, to get full benefit of this great perfume (already on my wishlist).

Did you already try this scrub? What's your favorite body scrub?


5 commentaires:

  1. Vaak gebruik ik scrub van de body shop, samen met een body butter. Deze lijkt me erg fijn! Ga ik eens proberen :)

  2. Ik ben dol op de Magic Touch, dus deze scrub zal mij vast en zeker ook aanstaan!

  3. Ik heb hem ook, hij is heel fijn :)

  4. Oh klinkt goed!! Ik ben dol op rituals!!

  5. die heb ik ook! super fijn. leuke blog trouwens


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