lundi 14 mars 2011

Respect The Parrot

Hugo Boss and it's Boss Orange line are partnering with the World Parrot Trust to protect endangered parrot species in Latin and South-America. News like this always makes me happy, it's good to know that famous fashion brands do care about our world's biodiversity.
An international design contest was organised through facebook. The goal was to design a t-shirt inspired by a parrot tee from the Hugo Boss spring-summer 2010 collection. The winning design, by Esteban Lalama, is now available as part of the Boss Orange spring-summer 2011 collection.
Hugo Boss will be donating 50.000€ of the proceeds from the sale of this gorgeous t-shirt to help safe parrots and their habitats around the world. With this sponsorship the World Parrot Trust is launching 2 new projects to restore the Scarlet Macaw to areas of its former range in Central America. And they're deepening their commitment to safeguard the survival of the Blue-throated Macaw in Bolivia.
I can only hope that more brands set up a campaign like this one! I don't want to go all emo in this post, but it's true that we're destroying this beautiful planet and all efforts to safeguard it deserve a lot of attention. So let's all run to the nearest Hugo Boss store and buy a beautiful t-shirt so that the parrots can fly into the future!
I hope I made you guys curious to know more about this campaign. If you want to read more about it, here's the link to the website: click click.

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  1. Groot gelijk! Echt goed dat men zulke acties doet.

  2. didnt they just recently find a man in an airport trying to leave an asian country with all sorts of birds and lizards in one suitcase? what is wrong with people?! glad to hear someone is still raising money for this cause.


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