samedi 12 mars 2011

Thomas Sabo Beauté

When I hear the name Thomas Sabo I immediately think of jewelry (charm bracelets, to be more specific).  What surprised me is the news that Thomas Sabo also took some steps on the beauty market. Inspired by his Charm Club collection "luck, fashion, love & passion" are the characteristics that can be found in his beauty products.
The Charm Rose perfume, on the market since 2010, is a refreshing and stimulating mixture of floral, fruity and eastern fragrances. It comes in a sophisticated bottle decorated with a little charm, a great way of connecting the perfume with Thomas Sabo jewelry.
The Charm Rose Lip Gloss Balm is a must have for all beautyaddicts. This fresh balm that hydrates your lips is gently perfumated with the Charm Rose frangrance. It's the perfect shade of pink if you ask me!
The newest addtions to charm up your bathroom are the foaming showergel and the silky soft bodylotion. Both come in black and white packaging, the trademark of the Thomas Sabo beauty products.

Doesn't this sound great? I'm most curious about the Charm Rose Lip Gloss, although the perfume sounds great to me aswell. The black and white packaging is something different, but that makes the products stand out. 
What's your opinion about these products? Did you already try any of these?

All products are available on and in Thomas Sabo shops
Perfume (50ml): 49€
Lip Gloss: 15€
Showergel: 19,95€
Body Lotion: 24,95€

4 commentaires:

  1. Never tried them before, but I sure love the design :P

  2. Never heard it before! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dit is nieuw voor mij! Lijken me fijne producten, misschien eens testen :)

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