dimanche 3 février 2008

Balenciaga again

It seems that when I post something about designers it's almost every time about Balenciaga or Prada.
For years now I'm in love with floral prints and I'm really happy the designers picked up this trend. When looking trough the magazine that came with the weekend newspaper I immediately fell in love with this floral dress by Balenciaga. It's just perfection!
It looks retro inspired so I think that it's possible to find dresses similar to this one in secondhand shops. I sure hope so.

Thanks to Key and The Seeker for giving me the 'You Make my Day Award'. I really appreciate it!

8 commentaires:

  1. I would have never guessed Balenciaga! It does look vintage, absolutely lovely, hope you find one like it.

  2. wow, I love it, really love it. The flowers a litle bit blured...
    I'm also a big fan of the flowers trend.


  3. I love Balenciaga :), always very innovative .

    Goos luck with finding the perfect balenciaga-inspired dress!

  4. Cute!

    It looks like something you could find in second hand shops, good luck!

  5. I'm giving you the "You Make my Day Award" too.

  6. Wauw, that dress is real beauty! Maybe you can make it yourself?


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