mercredi 6 février 2008

Ikea Shopping

As I said before I bought a few things at Ikea yesterday and I want to show them to you guys. I took the pictures from their site, because they look so much better than the ones I take.

I have this vase in the yellow color. I allready have so many vases, but I keep on buying them. The yellow color makes it look so good.

Some cards to decorate my bedroom wall at home. I love flowerpictures like this.

Again, I have lamps enough, but I couldn't resist this one. It seems that cherry blossom is really the trend of this year. This lamp has cherry blossoms all over and it's really cute.

This plaid is so warm and cozy, I bought the white one because the pink and green are just too flashy for me.

This table is just too beautiful. I didn't bought this yet, because I don't have the place for it now. When we move next year I plan on buying it and I'll use it as my toilet-table for in our bedroom.

On the way home we stopped at a thriftstore in our town. There wasn't much in store, but I bought this cute plate to place candles on. 

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  1. Such lovely things, and the plate is so pretty, a vintage piece.


  2. Great buys, especially love the flower cards and the vintage plate.

  3. That plate will look very nice with candles on it. I love vases, I bought a lot of mismatching crystal ones from a thrift shop, so I could line my window with them (at various heights) and fill them with random bits of flora--at Christmas I had evergreen branches which smelt very nice.

  4. Prachtig bord!


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