dimanche 3 février 2008

shopping @ Antwerp

Last friday I went shopping with my sister and now I finally have time to post my buys. I bought lots of stuff, but it had already been a month since I went on a descent shoppingtrip.
Of course I bougth some shoes, 4 pairs to be correct. The first 2 pairs are secondhand, the pair on the left is 'casa dei'. It's the second time I bought shoes from this brand and their shoes are amazing. 
The other 2 pairs are from new look, I really like the shoes they have. Their shoes are not too expensive and they're always right on trends. I was searching brown heeled oxfords for some time now, I knew I was going to find them there. The pink ones, are just too cute so I couldn't resist.
I also took some pictures so you can see the side of the shoes. It gives a good view on the heels and the details on the side and back. The pink ones have 'barbie-pink' toes and fade to dark pink heels. I was searching pink pumps for some time now, so I'm happy I finally found some cute looking ones.

I bought myself a new leather jacket at H&M. I really like the color. It's grey, but sometimes it looks purple. It only costed 50 euros, so it was a bargain.
Friday was the first day that the fashion against aids collection by H&M was in stores and I decided to buy a t-shirt. It's always nice when you can support a cool project like this. I choose the t-shirt designed by Chicks on Speed. It says: face it and I think that line says it all!

Never a shoppingtrip without buying a whole bunch of accessories. Purple kneesocks, blue leather gloves for only 6 euros (70% off), I only paid 1 euro for the sunglasses and 2 berets I found at H&M and veritas (it seems that I have a new addiction).
And I finally found a turban at H&M for only 1 euro, so I just couldn't resist buying it. Well it's actually really eye-catching with the electric blue color, but I tought it looked good when I tried it on. I could also use it to go swimming, it reminded me of a retro bathing cap.

This scarf I also found at H&M and it looks like it's Hermes inspired. I also bought these 2 rings at H&M.

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  1. Love your buys especially the leather jacket (which I was trying to convince myself to get in black) and the brown oxfords.

  2. Love all your buys. The pink shoes... oh, the pink shoes, and also the first pair on top, with purple and grey...
    That scarf has also a great print you can match it with many colors.


  3. You did excellent purchases. I love the first pair of shoes. I'd like to see you wearing the blue turban. Take care

  4. wow wow wow, i love seeing what people have bought
    i've linked you in my blog

  5. I always love looking at your buys because you get all the good stuff! I love those oxfords and the pink pumps.


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