vendredi 29 février 2008

Vintage furniture hunt

As all of you know by now I love shopping! I love buying clothes, shoes, etc., but I also love to shop for my home!
Next week I have a date with one of my friends to go to a vintage furniture shop that I've never been to before. I'm really excited, because I hope to find lots of great stuff for my place.
I already have so many stuff in my apartment, but I just can't stop buying furniture, lamps, accessories, ...
This post reminded me of a little table I found a while ago in a thriftstore. It only costed 5 euros and I was so happy that I found it. I decided to paint it in this purple color, because the wood didn't look good anymore. I think it turned out really beautifull and I'm proud to have this in my living-room. So let's hope that I'll find lots of treasures next week.

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  1. wow, you did a good job!
    the table is very pretty, and with that colour...
    also it was a great bargain.
    I hope you can find nice pieces.


  2. that's a gorgeous table
    I want it for my house!

  3. I just realized you're an art history student. I'm so incredibly jealous. I have dearly loved all my art history courses. My one prof was like a mini-encyclopedia. And one of the best days in my life was realizing the uk museums were free (at least the art and british museum)

  4. ohmygod I love interior designing :), there is this show called "top design" i watch sometimes, it's kind of cool.

    If I ever have a place for myself, i definitely want a table like yours!

  5. That's a great piece, good luck with your furniture hunt:)

  6. Nice creation! It looks pretty good.

  7. I love that shade of purple, that table looks so classy, I love what you've done!


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