jeudi 14 février 2008


As all of you can see in the title of this post I have a question for you guys. Well actually the people who live in or nearby Barcelona or the people that were on holiday there.
In march my boyfriend and I are going to Barcelona for a few days. I allready found lots of great stuff to do and I know that the 5 days I'll spend there are way too short. 
A citytrip like that is filled with lots of cultural things to visit, but I also plan on doing a lot of shopping.
So my question is: Do any of you know great stores or places that we really need to visit? Maybe some nice eating places?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. I've been at Barcelona, but only for a night and a day which was spent at the airport, so I'm not the best to informe you, sorry :(


  2. I wish I knew, that would mean I had been to Barcelona...

  3. No answer to that, but Lucky you! Have fun in Barcelona!

  4. Hey, have fun in Barcelona and post some pictures from the trip :)

  5. I've always wanted to go to Barcelona! I'm jealous.

  6. I love that city! I've been ther 3 times and I'm coming back there in March too!

    For shopping, the main street is Plaza del Angel and all the streets around Plaza Catalunya! The best is as Zara, Bershka and Massimo Dutty are spanish brand, the prices are lower!!!

    You also have to taste tappas.. you must go to the old town where there are a lot of restaurants!

    Have a good trip there! Viva Barnelona!

  7. I have a friend who studies in BCN and she told me about "zara", I've also heard a lot about ""El corte inglés".

    Spain must be a lovely country

  8. Barcelona's great! I love all the Gaudi buildings, and Parc Guell, def a must-see! Barri Gottic I believe is the place you should look for if you like small and special shops, little eateries and old cafés. Look for La Gauche Divine (Passeig de la Pau 7). Don't forget to walk all the way down the Ramblas to the water. The best tapa bar is supposed to be Quimet i Quimet (Carrer Poeta Cabanyes 25), and for the best vintage furniture from the 50's onwards you should visit Against in El Raval (Carrer Notariat 9).

    You're gonna have sooo much fun! Also, you'll bump into more Starbucks cafés than you can handle, which is always a bonus :)

  9. sorry, no tips. but have a great time!

    i love the rosebud salve, my friend gave some to me a year ago and ive been using it ever since

  10. do not eat on the Ramblas! only if you like to pay 10 euros extra for "service".
    there is a big shopping centre, but it's not worth visited - only cheap and trashy stuff.
    stick to Zara-Stores, there are many of them.
    enjoy your trip!

  11. Best comment I read so far: do not eat on the Ramblas! It's soo true! The food is bad, it's expensive and the service isn't good. Stores: off course Zara, SEPHORA! Like in Paris, they have a big sephora-store for beautystuff! I love it!
    I had a great time in hotel Abba Rambla.
    Certainly go to the beach and go up to Montjuic with a little train and the lifts! What a FANTASTIC VIEW! I spend about 3 hours in the sun on top of Montjuic. That was my favorite moment in Barcelona.
    Offcourse don't forget Casa Mila, Parc Guell.
    We also went to the zoo, where I touched a dolphin.
    We also took a hop-on-hop-off bus, which was very nice! The subway is also very very good in Barcelona. And I loved hanging around at the Maremagnum (shoppingcentre) to see the sun go down.
    Barcelona is a fantastic city! Enjoy it!

  12. Oh I wish I could help but I've never been there!

  13. hi dear...i´s sorry but i can´t help you on that...
    in spite of been from spain, i ddn´t visit barcelona jet...just hope you and your boyfriend enjoy yourself a lot.

  14. Hi!
    I think I can help you! :-) I live in Barcelona. As someone said before, there are a lot of great shops like corte inglés, zara and mango. they all are big stores (and cheap) If you are looking for fancy brands like valentino, chanel, gucci, burberry, escada etc: PASSEIG DE GRACIA avenue is your street. You´ll find also the buildings like LA PEDRERA from Gaudi.

    The Borne Quarter is also fantastic to see small shops. There you can have a cocktail at the "gimlet". Before, you can eat at the italian restaurant "Il mercante di venezia" wich is at ample street. Great price, great food and nice people.

    Everything depends on what are you looking for. (price, style, etc...)

    In my blog I always put information about shops in barcelona, you find them under de categorie "tiendas" and "compras".

    I hope I helped you a bit... :-)

  15. Thx you guys!
    I allready planned on doing some serious shopping at Zara, Mango, ... because I know they're cheaper there, so I would be crazy not to ;)
    And of course Gaudi is an incredible artist!

    You guys gave me some great tips, I'm sure they'll come in handy.
    I can't wait till I'm there!

  16. hey you really should go to Carrer Riera Baixa
    it's a street with lots of vintage and secondhand shops
    I just regret that I didn't had much time to spent on that street
    we went out in barcelonate , there are lots of bars in the same area and they all try to fill their bar , free champaign all the time there !


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